The Institute iLeS is a project of Action Sociale pour Jeunes asbl founded in 1984. (ASJ)

In 1994, the trade-union OGB-L and ASJ joined forces to start the Objectif Plein Emploi (OPE) project in 1999 in order to implement the concept of solidarity based economy in Luxembourg.

The OPE network achieved national importance through the involvement of 65 municipalities and the creation of more than 30 associations, the “Centres d’Initiative et Gestion Locaux (CIGL).

Through this project, the solidarity economy has achieved the breakthrough in Luxembourg and thus gained the acceptance of the citizens.

We cooperate with the following international institutions:

- Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers (CNAM-Paris)
- Université de Valenciennes
- Free University of Bolzano
- University of Syracuse
- Soziale Ökonomie Basel

Our goal today is to maintain the value of reciprocity and solidarity in the Luxembourg economic structure and to provide a platform for this economy.